About the 2022 Art Show

What is storytelling? We think storytelling is the interactive art of using any and all mediums to capture emotions and experiences. Art itself is about telling stories. Personal, collective, abstract, or surreal – all art is meant to tell someone's and something’s story. 

This year's theme Art of Storytelling makes us ponder who is telling the story. Art can be easily co-opted; galleries can become spaces for appropriation. We want to break such cycles, which is not an easy task. By celebrating forms of art, and creators that have historically been shunned, we hope this exhibition is another stepping stone toward a more inclusive art scene in our communities – where everyone’s stories deserve to be heard.
Marta Ružić ’25, Mithila Tambe ’25, and Diego Zárate ’25
Ray Warren Symposium Art Curators 2022